A Public Art Project Sponsored
by the Sacramento. CA. ZOO

Side View

When I was approached to create a lion for the Zoo that incorporated 60 Zoo logos, it was natural for me to connect families and animals wearing T-shirts at the Zoo. The concepts that I incorporated in my design honor our most valued memories at the Zoo and make an emotional connection with the public. Everyone can relate to families and animals. They are wearing T-shirts with zoo logos from throughout the United States to convey that Zoo appreciation is a common interest they share.

Left Side
Click here to see the lion.

People can enjoy the Zoo lion on different levels. From a distance they see the life size lion that was my canvas. As they approach, the hair of the fiberglass lion transforms to grasses that the zoo animals are grazing in. Close scrutiny reveals the backs of the families that adorn the lion’s legs, mid section and head, in admiration of the animals they are observing. Finally, you are challenged to locate the logo of particular Zoos. Watch the children and young at heart as they respond to the lion’s message with glee.
....... Judy Arrigotti